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Garrison Road Gateway

Garrison Road (Niagara R.R.3 or Ontario Highway 3 west of Sunset Dr.) is Fort Erie's major east-west route extending to communities such as Port Colborne, St Thomas or Windsor.

The section of road that was the former terminus of Highway 3 near the Peace Bridge has transformed into the shopping hub of Fort Erie, with a wide variety of stores ranging from small local businesses and restaurants, to strip malls and big box stores.

As one of Canada's Gateway communities, it serves as a great rest stop... The close proximity to Buffalo, USA brings across many American travellers looking to stay the night, or to enjoy some local dining... Garrison Road is usually the first place that many people see when they enter Canada.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, there was rapid development that turned what was once empty space into a burgeoning shopping district, including new Hotels and other attractions - stores now stretch nearly 5km from the Peace Bridge!

The thoroughfare has recently been revitalized to be more visually appealing and pedestrian friendly, with rest areas, walking plazas and green spaces, creating a more walkable community.

Garrison Rd. gets busier during the Summer months, especially during the Friendship Festival - a Binational celebration of peace between Canada and the USA, with crowds of people turning up for rides, midway and concert events.

If you love to shop, It's no secret that you'll find everything you need on 'the Garrison' ... from grocery stores, clothing, restaurants, pharmacys, clinics, beer/wine stores, fast food, bingo parlours, hair salons, hotels and the list goes on!