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Historic Bridgeburg District

Located along Jarvis St. right next to the Niagara River, lies a vibrant cluster of businesses and shops that offer an insight into the local lifestyles that truly make Fort Erie what it is. It was historically a distinct neighborhood, separated by the CNR rail line, that connects to the International Railroad Bridge - which became the namesake for Bridgeburg.

With the construction of the Central Avenue Bridge (currently under reconstruction) Access to the community increased and became more prosperous and as a result is still one of Fort Erie's largest neighborhoods.

Bridgeburg continued to flourish throughout the 20th century, and today is a popular place for area residents to support the local businesses that make up Jarvis St.

Bridgeburg is a nice place to stop by for the afternoon, with coffee shops, great dining choices, & a variety of small shops ranging from bookstores, salons, or thrift stores, alongside banks, legal services and the Fort Erie post office