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I've never been one to talk or write much about myself, but now is a great opportunity to tell you a bit about my website, and my personal story.

My name is Nathan Chartrand, and I have been a resident of Fort Erie for over 19 years - in that time I have seen this town change radically - empty fields have become shopping centres, roads and streets have been redesigned, things have come and gone, and some things have remained just as they were in the beginning!

For the most part, I have many great memories of Fort Erie, such as being down by the Lake and getting splashed by water, having a ice cream cone from Robo Mart and going for a drive along the river, or playing arcade games on my 10th birthday at Sliders restaurant - when the original Park plaza was still standing. But these memories have not been without their challenges.

At the age of 7 I was diagnosed with a very serious muscular disorder, known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - a disease in which the muscles gradually waste away and get weaker over time... a horrible progressive disease that has no cure, I was unable to walk once I was 10 years old, and transitioned to an electric wheelchair when i went into high school.

While this has been a very hard life to live both emotionally and physically, all is not lost - I believe that there is beauty in every day, and that I was brought into this world to bring awareness to my condition... I try to not think about having this disease, and just live my life as anyone else would.

I believe it was because of me, that my elementary school became more accessible with ramps and automatic doors.

There are many special people I want to thank the most to get me where I am today, there are so many people to thank that i have no room to list everyone. but overall the most important person to thank is my Mom - she has sacrificed so much in life and has worked in a sense that not many others have experienced or can understand, by taking care of me, and going through many challenges with my health and transportation, while helping my brother go through to succeed in university... I am so very thankful to have such a wonderful mother, who I am very proud to have.

On the lighter side of things, I am a 26 year old resident of Fort Erie and i really enjoy the sense of community that can be found.

What do I enjoy most?

I enjoy going to the fry trucks for lunch, going out for coffee, enjoying the weather along the friendship trail, spending time at local businesses and supporting my local community.

What do I recommend?

Growing up in Fort Erie, I can tell you that it is the perfect community to raise your family - with many great activities for kids and adults alike. For starters, There is the Fort Erie Leisureplex, with 2 full sized ice arenas and a skatepark and is located right next to the E.J. Freeland YMCA. Great for keeping active.

There are some great neighbourhood playgrounds, cycling trails, historical attractions and you can experience a walk on the wild side at Safari Niagara.

If your looking for more urban attractions - Fort Erie is in a unique position, just 20 minutes from world famous Niagara Falls, Clifton Hill & Fallsview attractions, and directly across from the US Border, less than 5 minutes away from Downtown Buffalo, NY!

When it comes to education, the school system in Fort Erie is currently being revitalized - Two schools have been amalgamated to create a renovated modern learning environment known as Peace Bridge Public School - and recently a $20 Million project has been announced for the construction of Greater Fort Erie Secondary School, a modern, state of the art educational facility that will be completed in 2017